Our services


Stockoutlet i is PARTNER and buying office:

– we offer stock of the best brands of clothing with a strong specialization in italian fashion: footwear, handbags, accessories, clothing man woman and kids;

– buying office we can find, build relation and selection of suppliers / brands and products in terms of quality and price;

– consultancy in new opening / warehouses in Italy and abroad opening a channel for regoular supplier;

– Assurance, inspection, and originality are always part of our vocabulary, stocks always considered an advantage in terms of: originality of the goods, market and trend opportunities.

For seller:

– opportunity to work with our website www.stockoutlet.it posting stock adversting and newsletter marketing to over 10000 subscribers;

– increase the chances of contact and sales of your company and build marketing network;

– working with a specialized company in stock fashion who understand who to communicate and sell your stock to right custode.