WhWholesale stock for individuals buying inventories of online stores by sending a request!

We’re coming! Also for private individuals we will give the opportunity to buy at stock prices on the www.stockoutlet.it the buy online section located on the home page of the site.

How? With a new platform where Stockoutlet and its partners will provide wholesale stocks of clothing, bags and shoes to which private individuals can also buy.

Simply register and enter your shipping references and then consult an updated online catalogue.

You can submit a purchase requisition and if the available goods buy it after you have listed the shipping costs. The verification of the request is due to the fast handling of this goods at stock prices therefore very convenient!

There will be no minimum purchase, there will be no obligation to buy unseeded items as often happens for stocks.

Stocks will be uploaded online and both companies and individuals will be able to buy them. Contact us and buy the remains of STOCKOUTLET and its partners!