Fashion service by Stockoutlet_ a network of buyer work for you!

Speed ​​of service and precision have always been a cornerstone for success in every business.
The multi-faceted offer and market speed have allowed us, thanks to experience and comparison with international markets, to promote new services and opportunities for those who want to import Italian products or for those who want to export with the help of professionals.
This is how Fashion Service was born, a Stockoutlet service that allows its customers to have a network of buyers directly on their phone like they really in Italian outlet now available for Serravalle Scrivia, Noventa Outlet and The Maill in Florence.
What do we do?
We provide our qualified staff of buyers by offering offers, photos, descriptions that can be useful to you as a company to offer to your customers or to you as a buyer and seller online or in e-commerce.
Offers are sent in real time, if the product is available and you like it after the payment we carry out shipping wherever you are.
There are different ways to interact and offer if you are interested write an email with fashion_service object and we will activate to try the service together